Turn sports back into playing outside

St.Maarten - SXM

NatuurlijkSportief is a Dutch game of words for being naturally extraordinary in moving. This kind of physical activity is easy to practice by anyone anywhere; all you need is a piece of nature and your best mood. There are no rules, no limits, no restrictions, not even fixed exercises. All you have to do is go outside and run; if you see a tree, climb it; when you come across a stone, throw it; and when the weather is nice, jump into the first river you find and swim to the other side.

Don’t forget we were born movers! Moving is natural for a child but as we are getting older we become slower or even fall in a state of inactivity which is totally against our nature.

NatuurlijkSportief retrieves the cheerful, carefree feeling everyone had as a child. Sport and movement is often presented as difficult, competitive, prone to injuries and even stressful to achieve results. However, physical activity is simple and can be exercised by everyone with no exceptions. That is the starting point of NatuurlijkSportief.

Group Training

Come challenge yourself and your friends with an awesome outdoor, group training session. Guaranteed to have fun and get physical fit in nature.

Join us! Contact casper@natuurlijksportief.nl


More info soon

Personal Training

Do you want to go outside with a NatuurlijkSportief personal trainer and work together to become strong, healthy and fit?

Contact: casper@natuurlijksportief.nl



Casper: "Dicovering the NatuurlijkSportief movement concept changed the way I look at sport. Simply going outside in nature, discovering new places and challenging myself with everything I run into is the most simple, functional en free way to become and stay fit, strong and healty."

NatuurlijkSportief St. Maarten, turn sports back into playing outside in the beautiful nature of SXM.