Turn sports back into playing outside

NatuurlijkSportief Zürich - Switzerland

NatuurlijkSportief is a Dutch game of words for being naturally extraordinary in moving. Don't forget we were born movers! Moving is natural for a child but as we age we tend to fall into a state of inactivity and conformity which is totally against our nature. In a world that has become increasingly competitive and driven by regulations, busy agendas and deadlines, many people address training the same way - yet another task that must be done under performance pressure adhering to strict rules of how to move and how not.

NatuurlijkSportief retrieves the cheerful, carefree feeling everyone had as a child. Listening to our intuition and returning to those simple moves we did as kids - skipping, climbing, balancing, lifting stones, laughing - if that made us fit, strong & happy back then - then these truly functional and natural moves are bound to boost our energy levels while we get fitter, stronger & instantly feel incredibly younger!

Fun, functional and free, i.e. empowering individuality! That is NatuurlijkSportief.

Private Trainings

You want to enjoy the luxury of a highly individualized & truly effektive workout?
No better & healthier way to get fit than by playing hard outdoors!

Contact us!

Group / family Trainings

Sure, you can workout alone. But training outdoors with a bunch of fun people is way cooler! Grown-ups, kids, dogs - everyone welcome!
No rules. No skills required. Just show up & have fun!

Wednesday, 8:30 a.m
Sunday 10:00 a.m

Allmendstrasse 30, 8142 Uitikon



Tamara: "I am a Personal Trainer and mother. Observing and joining my kids play made me rediscover what being really fit means: staying curious, using all our senses, exploring our surroundings & letting our creativity roam freely. Many adults have sadly lost these superpowers. I want to undo that! Love the NatuurlijkSportief movement concept as it captures the very essence of what I believe sports should be."

NatuurlijkSportief Zürich , turn sports back into playing outside in the beautiful nature around Zürich.